Genesis @ Booth B15, Wonderwall at India Art Fair, 2020. NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi

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So be it, is how this journey began, where words delivered the closing in a living room of D12, Ridgewood, sometime in August, 2006. 

What followed was a long drawn, inward seeking experience. As i walked the lanes of old Delhi, the markets of Bundi, or the streets of Chennai and Kolkata, the worlds outside and within, seamlessly merged. It was also the period, a career change followed. And I was soliciting work and guidance. Relationships & friendships offered temporary solace. 

There are so many that i haven’t walked upto, in the hope one needed to be able for them to open up or am yet to find them. Then there are the ones, one needed to close for others to open up. 

What this book is about, I do not myself, know. These doors have captured my attention, making me wonder. Never knocking on them, never entering, walked by, I always have. 

These are a lot that don't feature in this book. 

The ones that do, have led me here.  

Udit Kulshrestha

Gurgaon, 2012

about the photobook

Beautiful Content
Rich in colours, photographed over 7 years, the photobook is a riot of colors from across the nooks and crannies of India. 

Handy Size
in 6"x 8", its handy to be carried along, or can be shipped as a gift. the size makes it a personal experience.

Conceptual Design
A two sided conceptual book with a single black & white photograph in the middle. Two double gatefolds. 

Limited Edition

Each Book is numbered and unique making it a collectible.


Each book is signed personally by the author.

Art Prints 

Each book comes with 8 collectible art prints in a Box Case.


The Darwaze Photobook is a Signature limited edition of 400


Rs. 3,500/-





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